[ivtv-users] Insertion erros when installing cx18

daryl sofasurferlinux at charter.net
Thu Oct 16 06:23:52 CEST 2008

Thanks for your attempt to help me. I have just one more question at 
this time...

I had loaded the cx18 driver twice before and dmesg did show that the 
card was recognized. In fact, I actually did have video at one time. But 
after making a mess out of my system I reinstalled everything and have 
not been able to get the card recognized since.

So now after the information you gave me about pci buses, I tend to 
believe that I have a hardware issue or something related to packages. 
It now seems obvious to me that I did something to change my system that 
is causing the problem.  Does this sound reasonable to you?

My problem is that I can not remember what changes I may have made to my 

Here is a list of possible changes that I wonder about. Please tell me 
if any of these may be related to my problem.

I. Could the problem be related to using a differant kernel than I 
originally used?

2. Could it be that originally I used the live cd installation and now I 
am using the alternate cd installation?

3. Could it be related to installing a second hard drive on my system 
and at differant times I have it enabled or disabled?

4. Anything else you may be able to think of that I may have done 

Thanks a million for your time,

Andy Walls wrote:
> So there's not much specific advice I can give at this point.  Only some
> general advice:
> 1. You can try loading the module also specifying the mmio_ndelay
> parameter.  It may not help (actually it shouldn't), but it's easy
> enough to try: 
>   $ sudo modprobe -r cx18
>   $ sudo modprobe cx18 debug=67 retry_mmio=1 mmio_ndelay=243 enc_mpg_buffers=1 enc_ts_buffers=0 enc_vbi_buffers=0 enc_yuv_buffers=0 enc_pcm_buffers=0
> 2. If that doesn't help with the PCI MMIO read errors, then you need to
> start experimenting to find out what on the PCI bus is causing all the
> read errors: a particular card, device driver, or latency timer on a
> bridge are the things I would check.  I might also try to disable
> message signaled interrupts, if that's feasible.
> Alternatively, can you try the card in another system and see if you get
> the same sort of behavior?
> 3. If you can resolve the PCI bus read errors, and the DVB frontend
> appears to register, and you still get -ENOMEM being returned, only then
> concentrate on trying to free up memory.
> Regards,
> Andy

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