[ivtv-users] Another PVR-150 w/ a CX23418

thibaut colar tcolar at colar.net
Wed Jan 17 05:01:13 CET 2007

My 4 years old PVR 250 died recently, so i went to fry's today looking 
for a new one, there was no 250's so i got a 150.
Started in myth it wasn't detected.
Then i saw the note in the box basically it said
"we where out of 150's so instead we put a wintv-hvr-1600, you should be 
happy since you get an extra over the air HDTV receiver"
Well i'm not happy obviously and this makes me mad actually, since when 
do they put something else in the box that is not what the box says.
Worse the box does not say which one you will get, so if i return it for 
another who know what i will get.
Anyway any chance to get the HVR-1600 working ?


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