[ivtv-users] Super Band tuning problems on PVR500 w/ Samsung Tuner

Brett Hesterberg bretthesterberg at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 22:22:50 CET 2006

Hi all,

I've scanned through this mailing lists archives for this problem to no
avail.  I have a PVR500 with Samsung tuner that is having tuning on the
upper (295.2625 Mhz) and lower (217.25 Mhz) super band frequencies (CATV
freq list: http://www.jneuhaus.com/fccindex/cablech.html).  Channel 23 is
fuzzy and Channel 36 is un-watchable (however audio is fine on each).  All
other channels are look great.

Background info:  I'm running ivtv 0.4.2 and compiled with latest line 333
Firmware is the recommended set from

I might consider having MythTV skip over the problem channels, but channel
36 in my area is the History Channel and I can't live without it :)

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks and great mailing list!


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