[ivtv-devel] ARCH Linux, xorg-server 1.7.1 and ivtvfb

Ian Armstrong mail01 at iarmst.co.uk
Wed Nov 11 23:13:40 CET 2009

On Wednesday 11 November 2009, Andy Walls wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 18:36 +0100, Andreas Baumann wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> > Reposting here from 'ivtv-users' (realizing that this is maybe the better
> > place):
> >
> >
> > As ARCH Linux is always bleeding edge things tend to break sometimes. :-)
> >
> > I "fixed" the 'xf86-video-ivtvfb' package in the AUR:
> >
> > http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=23898
> >
> > I would be happy to get feedback from people who actually know how to
> > fix this issue properly. I'm not feeling very comfortable just removing
> > the RAC code from the module.
> Andreas,
> Well, I'm no expert on the ivtvfb driver for X, I can take a look at it.
> However, right now I just tried to install Fedora 12 Beta in my machine
> with my PVR-350 so I could work on ivtvfb and kernel 2.6.3[01] problem
> reports, but the install just aborted on me.
> I'll try and get to looking at it, but it could be a while.  Is there
> any Xorg documentation  or mailing list posts explaining the deprecation
> of the RAC calls and any possible replacement mechanism?

I was recently alerted to the problem with the ivtv X driver because of the 
Fedora 12 Beta release. There should be a new driver release shortly that 
fixes the problems with the new Xorg server.

For those that are interested, I've attached the patch, but you must run 
autogen.sh after applying it.

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