[ivtv-devel] PVR-500 apic/irq troubles

Martin van Es mrvanes at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 10:28:10 CEST 2008

On 7/8/08, Andy Walls <awalls at radix.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 15:57 +0200, Martin van Es wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > I haven't caught up with the mailinglist for some time, so this
>  > problem may have been covered before, but the problem still exists in
>  > 2.6.25 so I thought it might be relevant nevertheless.
> Here's a post the describes the same symptoms in a slightly different
>  setup with a VIA8237 chip as well:
>  http://ivtvdriver.org/pipermail/ivtv-users/2007-April/006332.html
>  It may give you more insight into your symptoms or at least provide some
>  comiseration.

Thx for the link. Yes, it looks like Ronald and I can shake hands.

Leaves me wondering what is bothering us and what the consequences of
irqpoll are? I must admit MythTV seem quite stable and recording is
good using noapic and irqpoll (on both tuners) it just feel 'wrong'
not to use the apic (and have the interrupts assigned better) and use
of irqpoll.

Can anyone shed some light on that?


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