[ivtv-devel] Aopen VA2000N - any clues?

Paul Tammes ptammes at wanadoo.nl
Thu Feb 1 11:35:48 CET 2007

Hello from Holland, hope to get some advise from real technical people.
Me I am just a fan of tech, not real savy.

I got an Aopen dual tuner TV card here. Google on VA2000 gave this list 
and some talk about changing cards.c
No hoorah post later on, so I fear I am in bad luck for Linux?

Being a startrek fan I must say: I am a bookkeeper, not a coder!
So any clues on where I would want to do that are welcome. I can do some 
basic editing using Kate and all.
But heavy coding would be out of my league.

The card itself is high-end, LSI chip it says somewhere, but dmesg shows 
C-Cube Microsystems.
And hardware info from Suse mentions a ?E4 multimediacontroller, but 
does not feel like doing anything.

It is working under Windows MCE with a proprietary driver. Although 
clearly not certified by MS.
I had to enter trough two errors to install the driver from the aopen site.
Nice card and nice video quality, would love to use this in MythTV. 
Having used both MCE and Myth, i must say
Mythtv cearly wins...

Lspci export (openSUSE) and windows driver (installed on MCE in dual 
boot system)  can be provided,
I am even willing to send the card itself if that would help to get it 
working under Linux.

(Have a PVR500MCE Mythdora running, so I can spare the card. Donate it 
to the IVTV driver community comes to mind, any po-box?)

Thanks for your attention and I welcome any clues / ideas.

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