[ivtv-devel] IVTV 0.4.2, PVR350 system freeze

Luud Heck luud.heck at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 20:39:31 CET 2006


I thought it would be nice to post back my recent results.

Jesse's tip on trying different PCI slots did the trick for me. I have
an Abit BH6 with 5 PCI slots and 2 ISA slots. I had my PVR350 in slot
4 and was having stability problems.

I moved the PVR350 to slot 1 and added a PVR500 to slot 3. Now the
PVR350 was working, but I would get IVTV_IRQ_DEC_DMA_ERROR messages
and I could not get any output from video1 or video2 when I tried to
capture on those. Next I moved the PVR500 to slot 2 and now the cards
seem to be happy.

I have all PCI slots filled:
1. PVR350
2. PVR500
3. Abit HotROD pro100 (HPT360) ATA100 controller
4. Creative Soundblaster PCI128 (Ensonic AudioPCI ENS1370)
5. 3Com 3c905 TX ethernet

Capturing 3 streams at the same time still leaves about 30-30% idle
time for the CPU, which is a Celeron Coppermine 700Mhz with a 66MHz

TV-Out also seems quite stable now.

A note: do check /proc/interrupts. I think my problems were related to
that. Possibly while sharing interrupts with the 3Com card. I still
have interrupt lines free (according to /proc/interrupts), but the
systems keeps sharing certain lines:

$ cat /proc/interrupts
  0:    1563400          XT-PIC  timer
  1:       1401          XT-PIC  i8042
  2:          0          XT-PIC  cascade
  5:       8755          XT-PIC  ivtv1
  8:          2          XT-PIC  rtc
 10:     141145          XT-PIC  ide2, ide3, ivtv2
 11:    2590092          XT-PIC  ivtv0
 12:       1139          XT-PIC  i8042
 14:         87          XT-PIC  ide0
 15:     438814          XT-PIC  uhci_hcd:usb1, Ensoniq AudioPCI, eth0
NMI:          0
LOC:          0
ERR:      18618
MIS:          0

>From the above and the outputs with the cards in different order I can
derive that the last two PCI slots and the USB controller seem to
share the same IRQ line. Slot 2 and 3 also seem to share a line,
although the first encoder of the PVR500 is on a different line that
the second (which shares the IRQ line with the HPT360 card's IDE
controllers). The PVR350 is on its own. (I disabled the second onboard
ide controller, as wel as the parallel port and the serial ports to
free up IRQ lines).

Is there a way in Linux to tell devices which IRQ to use? I whink it
would be good if each encoder would have it's own dedicated IRQ. IRQ
3, 4, 7, 9 and 13 seem to be still available. I can imagine that thse
are not available to the PCI slots though as thay might be hardwired
to other on board hardware. Would be nice if someone could shed some
light on this.


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