[ivtv-devel] Trident support

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 9 12:47:15 CET 2006

On Saturday 09 December 2006 11:58, Martin Dauskardt wrote:
> the new README says:
> "NOTE: ivtv-fb now requires that you enable the following kernel
> config options: Go to 'Device drivers -> Graphics support'. Enable
> 'Support for frame buffer devices'. Enable 'Trident support' (the
> Trident module itself is not required). ..."
> I am not sure what you mean with the Trident support. I have to
> choose "y" (to compile it into the kernel) or "m" to build the module
> tridentfb. I would prefer to have a kernel without built-in fb. Does
> ivtv-fb also work if I build the tridentfb module? Is it necessary to
> load it?
> What do you mean with "the Trident module itself is not required" ?
> If it is necessary to say "yes" to build it into the kernel, than it
> makes no sense, because it`s not possible to also build the module.

Turning on the Trident module will build various supporting modules for 
certain framebuffer operations. So the Trident isn't used, but the 
other modules it enables are. Obviously, once the driver is merged with 
the kernel this will no longer be needed as a new entry 'ivtv 
framebuffer' will be added.


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