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Active development now happens in a subversion repository. Subversion is a replacement for CVS. It is probably available as a package for your distro; its web page is at



The svn repository layout is setup as follows:

  • ivtv
    • branches (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.10 and 1.0)
    • trunk (main development)


Warning: The trunk is under constant development and change. It is only recommended for developers or tech-savvy people who are prepared to do substantial testing/debugging.

If you have a svn client installed, check out the trunk with:

svn co ivtv

This creates an ivtv directory with the latest driver sources. If you don't have a svn client, you can get a tarball straight from

1.0 branch

svn co ivtv-1.0

Or download the tarbal 1.0 svn tarball.

0.10 branch

svn co ivtv-0.10

Or download the tarbal 0.10 svn tarball.

0.8 branch

svn co ivtv-0.8

Or download the tarbal 0.8 svn tarball.

0.7 branch

svn co ivtv-0.7

Or download the tarbal 0.7 svn tarball.

0.6 branch

svn co ivtv-0.6

Or download the tarbal 0.6 svn tarball.

0.4 branch

svn co ivtv-0.4

Or download the tarbal 0.4 svn tarball.


In combination with svn, trac can be used for ticket management, bug tracking, and other fancy project management things: Do not submit tickets straight to trac. See troubleshooting first, then asking for help, and only submit a ticket after advice from the ivtv-devel mailing list.

X Driver

To get the xdriver from svn:

svn co xdriver
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