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ivtv-tune is a command line utility that is used to control the tuner, either by absolute frequency or by a frequency table and channel number. It replaces ptune-ui.pl, a perl based utility that performs the same function. ptune-ui is a perl based tuning application that includes a graphical interface.

ivtv-tune is included in the ivtv source under the utils/ivtv-tune/ directory, and is installed with make install.

Usage: ivtv-tune [OPTIONS]:

  -h         --help              Print help and exit
  -V         --version           Print version and exit
  -cSTRING   --channel=STRING    set new channel
  -dSTRING   --device=STRING     set video device node
  -fFLOAT    --frequency=FLOAT   set new frequency (MHz)
  -l         --list-channels     list all channels and their frequencies (default=off)
  -L         --list-freqtable    list all available frequency mappings (default=off)
  -tSTRING   --freqtable=STRING  set frequency map to use
  -xSTRING   --xawtv=STRING      set new channel using custom map from ~/.xawtv

For example, to tune the second card to channel 10 in Australia:

ivtv-tune -taustralia -c10 -d/dev/video1
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