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General Questions

What cards are supported?

See supported hardware

Which version of ivtv should I use? Where can I get it from?

You should probably use the latest stable release of ivtv, currently 0.10.6 and 1.0.2 (1.0.X only for kernel 2.6.22 and up). Failing that, checkout the latest stable 0.10 svn or stable 1.0 svn. Don't use a development release unless you know what you're doing and expect an unstable driver.

What device entries does ivtv use?

Each card has a number of devices under /dev:

MPEG2 encoder device (most people want this)
decoder device for CX23415 cards (tv-out)
audio only output
raw YUV (uncompressed) encoder device
raw YUV decoder output stream (currently doesn't work)
radio device
vertical blank interval (cc and teletext, etc) for the encoder
reproduced vbi data sent to video16
sends data to the tv-out port (CX23415 cards)
framebuffer device

see doc/README.devices in the source for more information

How do I install ivtv?

See the howto

Help! I have a problem!

See troubleshooting and documentation

Where is the mailing list? Which list should I use?

See Mailinglists and Asking_for_help. General support questions should go to ivtv-users.

Will ivtv ever be merged into the kernel?

Done since 2.6.22!

Do any distros support ivtv cards out of the box?

  • Gentoo: As far as I know only gentoo has it in portage (their build system). Other distros like debian and redhat need 3rd party repositories or you will have to build it from source.
  • Mandriva 2007: has support in de kernel you only need to download de firmware rpms from plf to get a working configuration.
  • KnoppMyth has offered out the box support for ivtv since late 2003.
  • MythDora as out-of-the-box support for ivtv.

How can I change the password for my account to edit pages in this wiki?

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